Our Process



The first step in our process is to understand how you’ve approached your finances in the past. By gaining a deeper understanding of your financial history, personality, and objectives, we can develop a personalized financial plan that aligns with your unique needs.  We will also provide background on our team, our process, and how we differentiate ourselves from the typical financial advisory relationship.

If we believe we’re a potential fit for one another, we’ll end by scheduling a “Discover Your Needs” meeting approximately one week later and providing “Your Life” and “Your Values” surveys to jumpstart our next discussion.


Discover Your Needs

In this step, we dig deeper into your financial life and explore the “8 Dimensions of Wellness.” These dimensions encompass various aspects of your life, such as financial security, physical and mental well-being, personal growth, and more.  By helping you articulate and write down your core values and vision for what your ideal life might look like, we can help create the foundation for a strong financial plan.  We can also begin to refine SMART goals with actionable steps to get you out of any potential ruts and keep you moving towards a better life.

We should be able to give you an approximation of the cost of our services by the end of this meeting.

If we agree to continue moving forward, we’ll end by scheduling a “Strategy and Recommendations” discussion approximately one week later.  We’ll also provide “Governance” and “Investment Preferences” questionnaires, which will allow us to prepare some modeling scenarios at the next meeting.


Strategy and Recommendations

After gaining a thorough understanding of your needs, our team will develop a customized strategy to help you achieve your financial objectives.

Our “Best Life” financial planning process will tie together your income sources, spending lifestyle, and qualitative SMART goals into a cash flow analysis to give us confidence around your financial standing.  It will also allow us to implement various financial planning strategies designed to increase the likelihood of success.

We consider factors like risk tolerance, time horizon, tax implications, and liquidity requirements to create a well-rounded investment plan that suits your unique circumstances. We’ll explain the rationale behind our strategies and answer any questions you may have, empowering you to make informed decisions about your financial future.



Once you are comfortable with the proposed strategies, we will assist you in implementing your financial plan. Our experienced team will take care of the necessary paperwork, guide you through the investment process, and coordinate with relevant third-party professionals, such as accountants or attorneys if needed. Throughout the implementation phase, we’ll prioritize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and transparency, ensuring a seamless transition from planning to action.


Track Progress

Monitoring your progress is vital to ensure that your financial plan remains aligned with your evolving goals and circumstances. We utilize advanced tracking tools and regular performance reviews to keep you informed about your financial well-being. Our team will provide ongoing support, review your portfolio, and make necessary adjustments to stay on track. By regularly assessing your progress and addressing any changes in your life or the market, we can help you adapt your financial strategy and seize new opportunities.

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